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Based in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, Prairie Land & Investment Services Ltd. is a locally owned and operated land company that has been providing quality service to the oil and gas industry in Western Canada for over 30 years.

In that time frame Prairie Land has successfully negotiated thousands of surface leases and pipeline agreements which have allowed our clients to proceed with their projects in a timely fashion. In addition to providing quality surface land 
services, Prairie Land has been a leader in the leasing of

mineral rights throughout Saskatchewan & Manitoba, placing our clients in a position to capitalize on the hottest plays in the Williston Basin.

In recent years we have expanded our services to help meet the needs of the growing potash industry in Saskatchewan. 
Prairie Land has worked with several different potash companies as they have developed and expanded their projects in the province.


In addition to potash we have also provided services to various rail and grain companies. We have been able to use our expertise in dealing with landowners, Rural Municipalities and governmental departments to assist our clients in the acquisition of lands for the installation of tracks, facilities and inland grain terminals.

We have also worked on wind generation projects, pipelines for water and assisted SaskPower in the development of the rural natural gas distribution system encompassing over 30,000 km of right-of-ways.

The key to our success has been Prairie Land’s focus on Saskatchewan and Manitoba. By being locally owned and operated, and having people on the ground who have spent their lives in the area, it has allowed us to develop excellent working relationships with various governmental departments, agencies, rural municipal governments, Crown corporations and utilities. These relationships have been cultivated over years of successful dealings. In addition to our highly skilled field personnel, Prairie Land also boasts an experienced clerical staff that has gained a reputation in the industry for their excellence.


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